Office Hours Webinar

The American Health Care Act: Details on the ACA Repeal and Replace Bill





Thursday, May 25th, 2017

10:00am-10:45am PDT

Topics for Discussion  

  • The AHCA passed the House!
  • How did the legislative process develop to this point?  What compromises were made?
  • What barriers still stand in the AHCA’s way?  What is the status of the AHCA in the Senate?
  • How would the repeal of the ACA employer mandate pay or play rules affect employers?
  • What would happen to the Cadillac tax?
  • Does ACA reporting survive?  For how long?  What is it replaced with?
  • What would the new landscape be for HSAs, health FSAs, and HRAs?
  • Under the new limits, who would contribute over $13,000 to an HSA?

ABD Host

Brian Gilmore
Lead Benefits Counsel, VP

ABD Office Hours cover a single topic and will be recorded for future listening.  You can submit your questions in advance to [email protected].